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Welcome to ContingencyOperations.Com


Functional Areas


Airfields - Airfields, Landing Zone / Drop Zone operations, NOTAMS, diplomatic clearance and weather


Air Operations - Air mobility planning factors and command & control


Air Transportation - Air cargo preparation and transportation


Airlift Control - Best source of information available for AMC Mobile Command & Control Elements - everything you need to get the job done


Civil Response - Civil Response Information Services - Search and Rescue - Law Enforcement and Counter-Terrorism - Health and Safety - Disaster and Humanitarian Response - Wild Fire Response


COMM / AGE - SATCOM / Radio / Electrical reference and equipment


Field Operations - Survival reference and equipment


International - International military and civil organizations


Joint Service - Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army, Navy and Marine Corps


Personnel - Useful information for deployed personnel - E-mail, finance, Per-diem and Lodging


Veterans Rights - An outstanding information source regarding the legal rights of veterans



ContingencyOperations Information


ContingencyOperations.Com is a independent and privately maintained information network which is not associated with the United States military or government.  All products and downloads distributed by ContingencyOperations.Com, represent personal opinions and interpretations of our contributors which should not be construed as "Official" or "Legal" reference for anything.  The primary objective of this website is to enhance the understanding of full spectrum response involving large scale contingency operations with a special focus on air mobility and Airlift Control Elements (ALCE).  The secondary objective of this website is to enhance the understanding about the rights of Guardsmen and Reservists under USERRA.  This site was created  and is maintained as a free public service by Clif Cunningham.


If you have any questions about this website or how your organization can benefit from air mobility, please feel free to contact Clif Cunningham at ContingencyOperations Mailbox


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05 February 2010 - Major website reorganization - changed functional areas - cleaned up hyperlinks